Songs from a long drive


Hey, guys and gals! Just in case we haven’t met, I’m Tommy George! I’m starting a blog about the music I listen to, personal stories related to songs, and possibly other fun musical adventures.

Songs From A Long Drive is where I write some thoughts about the various musical things I listen to in my car.

I got the idea to start discussing my drive-time playlists and queues while on a 3-hour trip between Oklahoma and Texas. I listen to a wide variety of music. Old and new. From pop, to “you’ve never heard of it”, to “that’s not music!”

Picking highlights from my drives and writing about them seemed like a fun way to discuss and share music, as well as tell occasional stories and share context about how certain songs fit in my life.

“What? Tell me more about that!”

I love music.

I don’t have a long commute, but I usually have a 3-hour drive, about twice a month, with some other shorter times in between.

I have “eclectic taste in music” and often fill a majority of that ride time listening.

Sometimes I listen to just one or two artists or albums. Other times I stick to a genre, an era, or a playlist, or soundtrack. And then there’s the times I just hit “shuffle all”.

Sometimes there’s a lot of reminiscing. Some songs have life stories attached – the first time I heard it; the time I saw the band live; the time I found out the lead singer was not a girl…

If you like music, stick around. You’re bound to find something you’ve never heard before… or be reminded of something you’ve forgotten about.

Suggestions and playlists are always welcome!