Songs from a long drive

Long songs; September 2019

Published September 24, 2019, by Tommy George

This part of a series of shorter posts, because I’ve left the longer lists hanging. Sorry about that. This way, I can post more often, and specific recommendations. Hopefully that’s more valuable to you.

Today, a couple of long songs.

These are two of my favorite songs that are over 5 minutes long…

(*Fin) by Anberlin

My understanding is this is a song of disconnected verses. Regardless, I always let this whole song play out. It’s emotional, it changes, and has a very “epic” feel.

We’re not questioning God / Just those he chose to carry on His cross

Deathbed by Relient K

An 11 minute long “story song”. It begins with the end, then goes back to start the story from 1941.

The mood changes depending on the verse, and I think it all just fits together so well. The writing is filled with hooks and almost perfect wordplay, and it never gets boring.