Songs from a long drive

My Epic

Published June 30, 2018, by Tommy George

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to tell a few different people about one of my current favorite bands. Since the first instance was a time where I was careful to “curate”, I realized this might be a great place to also share those thoughts.

Below is the content of that recommendation. (Since we’re here on a website, I’ve embedded the videos where I originally sent just links).


Since sending that message, however, I would also preface it with this: Right after one of the first two songs (if you listening to them in the order presented) you should insert and listen to “Open Letter”, from their album “Viscera”.

This will take you deeper than necessary, but here’s a behind-the-scenes video about the song “Open Letter”. The comments/conversation that starts at 7-minutes into the video are critical.

That may turn out to be more important than the others. I’m not sure.

The Recommendation

These are 3 of my favorite songs by the band “My Epic”. I couldn’t pick just one. It happens that each of these songs is from a different album of theirs. I think these are a great example of the range of their style (which is mostly similar for each album here), and great examples of their writing.

“Lower Still”

The first song I heard by My Epic. Example of their edgy side. Absolutely hooked me.


A bit of their softer side; no shouting, but builds. Lyrics with a beautiful story+ending.


Long, but I love how it pays off. This video has lyrics, so yay!